Google Analytics New Features

Google Analytics Now Features AdWords Performance By Search Query Length

SEO Experts Can Find More Keywords

Google is finally recognizing that the long tail search terms generate not only interest, but real click-throughs. There’s lots here for an expert SEO consultant to use in their search engine strategy for SEO, so anyone who is an SEO agency, website developer that is also an SEO company or services firm, SEO keywords analysis specialists, can find some excellent information here. There is more on search engine strategy for SEO at

For those who say Google never gives them enough information, there’s an upgrade to Google Analytics called Count Query that let’s AdWords advertisers compare their head search terms with long tail queries.

This feature will be very useful for the AdWords users because they can now sort their search queries using word count to do analysis on head search terms compared to their long tail search terms.

The new Query Word Count feature in an AdWords account search queries will actually do an aggregation of queries by the word count, so users do not need to export their AdWords data to Excel. You can find the AdWords Search Queries service in the Acquisition area in the Google Analytics.

Unfortunately, this new feature requires a Google AdWords account. One way to deal with this is to set up a Google AdWords account with a very small deposit or $10 or $20 dollars. Then use the account very sparingly.

The best way to actually look at this feature if you are not a major player in the Google AdWords world, is to view it as a research tool to locate more keyword search terms, particularly long tail terms.

SEO companies should take heart, all is not lost since the restructuring, some say demise, of the Google AdWords keyword tool. This new feature is definitely a step in the right direction for Google.

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