Choosing Your SEO Consultant

Get The Right SEO Company For Better ROI

SEO is a rapidly changing business with a continuous ebb and flow due to the sudden and frequent changes in the rules dictated by Search Engines. This makes it difficult for website owners and webmasters to find the right search engine optimization company. SEO companies, in the past had a relatively simple task of finding keywords, then placing them throughout a website. Truly expert SEO consult companies have moved on, using the strategies and techniques approved by the big search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are, however, still too many so called SEO consultants who either cling to the past or simply utilize unethical tactics in an effort to find an advantage in rankings, resulting in site penalties.

Here’s an interesting article from SearchEngine Land site penalties resulting from violations and spam.

Page One Is The Goal

Getting on Page One of the search engines is certainly a primary goal. A Google Page One listing is quite the prize for a website, leading to greater exposure and more click-throughs. That page one listing requires proper site architecture, excellent content, and linking from several other web sources. The typical optimization for a site includes use of proper keywords, Meta tags, and the addition of social media campaigns for bolstering trust from the search engines. All these techniques require skill and time, SEO today no longer uses the “set it and forget it” approach. Efforts to circumvent the search engine rules to move up the rankings quickly are often now met with severe penalties that can literally kill a website. The SEO games and spamming of the past are now easily located by the search engines and penalties are severe.

SEO Company Types and Styles

Here’s one approach to SEO consulting companies based on business set up and services . . .

Resellers And Affiliates

These are sales people, pure and simple. They outsource ALL the SEO work and these companies are often nothing more than affiliates for foreign SEO providers who will rank a site for low level keywords, or simply set up a pay per click (Google Adwords) campaign, then charge a management fee.

Same Old Same Old

The overall style here is a larger agency with several clients, some or many of whom are marketing business management consulting or employee training consulting clients with a web campaign as an add on. Because these firms are hold overs from print marketing, they feature a lot of reporting to show their value, and they may use some very sophisticated tracking software. They tend to use a lot of babblespeak and marketing industry vocabulary. They frequently have a low knowledge level of current search engine algorithms and shallow technical training. What is interesting about these companies is that they will charge the highest fees, then use top SEO experts and independent contractors to provide the services.

The Trend Followers

Overall, these are medium sized SEO companies who want to look like they are a big SEO consultancy. These companies are very trendy, they tend to be in business one day, then gone and reformed with some of the core employees in another company. They almost always under perform on customer expectations while spending their time attending and speaker at conferences, building their industry reputation. Their primary output is usually glossy reports. These companies thrive on the latest and hottest social media platforms, frequently attempting to launch SEO campaigns around social communities as the ultimate SEO strategy.

Hey, It’s Your Next Door Neighbor

These people are flat dangerous! Often this is a guy, or woman, who is attempting to provide SEO as second income while they continue to work a full time job elsewhere. They frequently have some training from an online course, maybe they developed a website for a friend, then they set themselves up as an SEO consultant. They know a lot of the right words to say to customers, but they just don’t have the in-depth skills and they will never get them working part time. These people often rely on old techniques that can get your site into real trouble or simply not work. You can find out more about SEO that fails in this article from Volusion.

The Small Time Company

These are boutique SEO companies with one or two primary employee owners who appear to have employees, but they really use outsourced people for most of the work. These are often located in strip malls, or inside another office space. They talk a reasonable game, but they don’t know how to do SEO; two weeks ago these guys were selling refrigerators at one of the big box stores down the street. They attempt to make up for their lack of expertise with low price offers, or they play on your emotions by using phrases like, “hey your small time, so are we, so let’s help each other out.” Sadly, your website will never get the rankings you need.

The One Company You Should Absolutely Avoid

There are still a few, and always will be, SEO companies who will blast away and are totally unscrupulous. This company will guarantee top rankings by sending your site totally useless links and submit your site to obscure directories and search engines. They offer lots of PageRank related links to your site, although PageRank is no longer a metric used by the Google search engine (and was never used by any of the others). They will tell you they have a special relationship or they know insider SEO secrets. These are often foreign companies or affiliates fronting for foreieng companies. They are dangerous because their techniques may get your site penalized or banned.

The Company You Really Want!!!

An Expert SEO Consultant Can Prove Their Value

This SEO company has testimonials from real clients and can provide testimonials. They will offer a proposal with fees stating precisely what they will do for you. They inform you of what they are doing. They provide you with ongoing reports that you can understand and set up regularly scheduled review meetings to discuss progress of the SEO campaign. They use the proper Social Media to bolster your SEO program. They use either Google Analytics or a quality analysis program to map out what is happening. They do not try to change the numbers, they offer alternatives and inform you when your campaign requires changing. They scrupulously follow the search engine guidelines and provide what is known as white hat or ethical SEO. Your top SEO expert will also document their activity for you so you are always knowledgeable. The true expert SEO services company is one that is rock solid in terms of skill, ethics, and communications. You can find more about expert SEO at

Measure Your SEO Campaign For Success

The best way to measure SEO success (or failure) is from traffic reporting plus the actual search engine rankings. Leads and conversions may also be part of the success metrics depending on the type of SEO campaign. You need to measure your ROI by looking at your revenues, not just the search engine rankings.

Wrap Up

SEO techniques, strategies, tactics, and planning are vastly different than the ones used just a few years ago. Programs that worked in the 1990’s are hopelessly obsolete. An expert SEO constantly observes search engine algorithm updates, investigates and researched trends, and avoids spammy techniques. Make certain your SEO stays in regular contact so he can inform you of not only progress, but changes in the search engine world.

Picking the right SEO is a matter of trust with an eye toward the ultimate goal of increased profits. If you look for the most ethical SEO with a solid track record you will avoid the big mistakes of going with the latest shiny object. Ask questions and make certain to get the right answers prior to starting your SEO program.

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