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Mobile Search now exceeds desktop searches in U.S. Google has changed its algorithm to “Mobile First.” If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then your search engine rankings will suffer. Mobile search results take precedence over desktop for Google and with this change, desktop website appearance and behavior is now #2 in importance! We recommend optimizing your mobile website immediately since it has such profound impact on your rankings for both mobile and desktop search. Our friends at SEO Vancouver and the website design company, Evergreen Marketing Systems informed us of this situation a few weeks ago, and now we have further verification.

Google Still Rules Search Landscape

The chart above indicates that the search engines still are the most important places for mobile search. Google maintains a large lead in mobile searches, so be certain your Google ranking metrics are excellent if you are seeking optimum visibility for your website.

Google has more information on Mobile First search and this video has more information

Transcript For The Video

0:09today today I’m going to talk to you
0:12about the mobile first index and what
0:14the mobile first index probably means
0:16for SEO in 2017 it it’s not the end of
0:20the world but it does mean some
0:22significant things i like to talk to you
0:24about what that means and i’m going to
0:25go through my notes I have copious notes
0:28of many google leaks and secrets and
0:30hangouts and things like that i’m going
0:32to go through those notes and and
0:34mention all the times it was mentioned I
0:35might then and the end talk about what I
0:38think what would you have to worry about
0:40for that particular thing so back in
0:42November 24th John Mueller mentioned the
0:45mobile first index and and hang out i
0:47was mentioned earlier by google but John
0:50Mueller my particular Google source if
0:52you will
0:53I guess he didn’t really mention to them
0:55and he did reiterate that mobile
1:00becoming more important just you know
1:01over fifty percent now of searches on
1:04google or donna mobile devices that say
1:06devices like this right here the the
1:09majority of people are searching google
1:11on this device here or device like this
1:13our iPhone or whatever mostly android
1:15actually there’s more android in the
1:16world and our iphones currently and
1:20being that’s largely because Google has
1:22been giving away androids free and our
1:24very very low cost in the second and
1:26third world for years now but worldwide
1:28there’s more androids out there than
1:30iphones of course it might differ in the
1:32US or in Canada if that’s where you’re
1:34trying to rank you need to check your
1:36analytics to see what people are going
1:37to your site for make sure design it
1:38correctly but i’ll get that in second so
1:41they mention the mobile first index it’s
1:45not and then also in December second he
1:52starts to mention some more interesting
1:53things and so just let me see what it is
1:55first the mobile first index is this is
1:57that up until now
1:59google has been using the desktop
2:00version of your pages to rank your site
2:03and then they make adjustments on that
2:06for mobile rankings so for example if
2:09your desktop pages were for certain
2:11quality laid out in a certain way they
2:14were using all those signals for
2:15rankings and then
2:17they would adjust your mobile rankings
2:20up or down probably down the promenade
2:22up or down based on the speed based on
2:26the mobile rendering female problems and
2:30based on more stuff like that I guess I
2:35suppose later in into whether or not you
2:38can complete terminate to search it
2:40because at first they couldn’t actually
2:42watch clicks on mobile that was about a
2:44year ago change they could watch clicks
2:46on mobile when they extended something
2:48called the safe browse feature to mobile
2:50this is how google tracks the the clicks
2:52now so realize what that means that
2:57means they are rendering the page and
2:59desktop they are calculating where
3:00things are and they are giving you a
3:02quality score based on this and other
3:04there’s other factors as well but our
3:07static design factors they rank on and
3:11giving your ranking business now they’re
3:12switching the Googlebot user agent from
3:15a desktop user agent to report that it’s
3:18a mobile agent that’s the only changes
3:19they’re making right there making that
3:21switch so websites will automatically
3:23the web server will see they’re looking
3:24for a mobile to mobile user agent and
3:27the web server will give you the mobile
3:28version of the site if any such version
3:31exists right if you have a responsive
3:34design that is to say it’s the same
3:35design for both desktop and mobile
3:36depending on the size of the window and
3:39you can actually drag your window back
3:40and forth to see the responsive design
3:15a desktop user agent to report that it’s
3:18a mobile agent that’s the only changes
3:19they’re making right there making that
3:21switch so websites will automatically
3:23the web server will see they’re looking
3:24for a mobile to mobile user agent and
3:27the web server will give you the mobile
3:28version of the site if any such version
3:31exists right if you have a responsive
3:34design that is to say it’s the same
3:35design for both desktop and mobile
3:36depending on the size of the window and
3:39you can actually drag your window back
3:40and forth to see the responsive design
3:44that’s what they call responsive design
3:45that’s all done through HTML and CSS and
3:49stuff like that and on the same URLs
3:51that’s what a responsive design is
3:53technically I guess suppose suppose you
3:56could have a responsive design on a
3:57different set of URLs and have the web
3:59server say oh you’re a mobile user agent
4:01i’ll give you MV dot whatever calm as
4:03opposed to whatever calm but this is
4:06what it means and so Google’s going to
4:08change their google bot two from a
4:10desktop user agent to a mobile user
4:12agent now what that means for you my
4:16fine your friends and your friends to
4:20that means
4:22that your web server is going to start
4:24giving the mobile version of the site of
4:26such thing exists now that for most of
4:29the way that’s not going to be such a
4:30big deal and I first i thought yeah who
4:31cares not a big deal then I started
4:33realizing and then Google started saying
4:35things and I started realizing hey wait
4:37a minute actually gonna be a much bigger
4:39deal than then put that I possibly think
4:41it could be because I’m first
4:45the question is are you serving
4:47different kind of content from your
4:50mobile to your desktop if your mobile
4:52has different content on your desktop
4:53and this could be a big deal because
4:55they’re going to change the text on the
4:57page and change the layer of the page
4:58and Google’s going to rank those pages
5:00differently i repeat your mobile version
5:04of the site might have different text on
5:06the page it might have a different
5:07layout on the page different ads
5:10different placements you know different
5:12kind of structure different even URLs
5:14possibly that’s going to change your
5:16rankings fairly significantly when
5:18google makes the switch to the mobile
5:19first index in fact the update we saw on
5:23the fifteenth of december could very
5:25well be the start of them doing the
5:26mobile first mobile indexing switch so
5:32that is important in and of itself using
5:35responsive design again it’s not such a
5:37big deal now it used to be the case that
5:39if you have like tabs or whatever was
5:41hidden content that Google wouldn’t use
5:43that content for ranking they no longer
5:45you a penalty for having cloak content
5:47or hidden content of that nature anyway
5:50but they won’t use it for ranking only
5:52the visible content is ranking a week
5:54before they announced the mobile first
5:56index John Mueller also announced that
5:58that’s not the case anymore that on
6:00mobile they are going to read all of the
6:03content on that page even the hidden
6:05content and they’re going to rank your
6:07safe your site based off of that
6:09so now put two and two together that
6:12means now for the mobile first index
6:14they’re going to read all the content on
6:15the page whether it’s in a hidden to add
6:17tab or not and they’re going to rank
6:19your page based on that content again
6:22you might not see any differences
6:23depending on what you have in those that
6:25hidden those hidden tabs but if you have
6:27stuff so you’re think now you gotta you
6:29gotta use your own you’re going to use
6:31your brain and think a little bit what
6:33am i hiding in those tabs or what do I
6:35it’s the difference between my desktop
6:36content mobile content and is going to
6:39be more on keyword point or less on
6:41keyword point is gonna be too much on
6:43keyword point or not enough on keyword
6:44point does my design change drastically
6:47does my design change in other ways as
6:50well get to in a second so on so the
6:53with those things in mind here’s some
6:55extra things that Johnny also mentioned
6:56in December second hang out he said
6:59regarding the mobile first indexing he
7:01said yes your site also needs to be
7:03faster and that he did eat it’s very
7:06strongly imply that for the mobile first
7:08indexing because we’re gonna use the
7:10mobile version of the site to rank your
7:12desktop site so some people might be
7:16thinking well it doesn’t matter i don’t
7:17have that many VIP mobile not that much
7:19more mobile traffic but thatthat’s not
7:21doesn’t matter that’s not the point the
7:23point is they’re using your mobile site
7:24to rank your desktop site whether you
7:27have a lot of mobile traffic or not one
7:30to you might be grievously
7:31underestimated the amount of mobile
7:33traffic you have or could have if you
7:35were ranking well for mobile again over
7:38fifty percent of Google’s traffic is
7:39coming from mobile now and so that means
7:42that ostensibly you know over fifty
7:45percent of your traffic could be coming
7:46from mobile to it varies greatly
7:48depending on the needs of course on your
7:50business and and where traffic is coming
7:52from the stuff like that but that could
7:54very well be happening right so so don’t
7:56assume so again RP you’re going to use
7:59the mobile version of your site to rank
8:01your desktop site and your mobile site
8:02all your entire site this so once you
8:05once that finally closed in you go
8:07ah that could actually make a huge
8:09difference depending on what’s going on
8:11and and again so I worry immediately
8:14about other factors like speed user
8:16interface clicks task completion and so
8:20jon lester has just recently started
8:21saying stuff about this and I’ll keep
8:23reporting watch my youtube channel by
8:25the way if you have any questions on
8:26this before I forget I was going to say
8:27it now you can email me at Josh Kaminski you can follow me on twitter at
8:31Josh Kaminski you can find more leaks
8:33like this and keep on top of these SQL
8:35SEO leaks this is go skill too much beer
8:41you keep track of this sto this SEO
8:44issue and any other SEO issue on my
8:47youtube channel youtube
8:48slash J machines jb ACH YNS Christmas so
8:54our Monica rammed an ounce of whatever
8:58you don’t care whatever you do your
9:01the great spaghetti monster festival
9:03whatever it is I ok so he said in
9:07December second that your site should be
9:10he implied very strongly that your
9:12mobile the they’re using all the mobile
9:14ranking factors to rank the desktop site
9:16now this is a complete game changer even
9:19more than what I’ve already said because
9:20mobiles always had a penalty if it’s on
9:24the mobile ranking if it’s too slow
9:26which is a much more strict penalty than
9:29the desktops on desktops I don’t really
9:31give a panel e4 slow speeds slow sight
9:33until it reaches around 20 seconds
9:35supposedly they say but they do always
9:37add a caveat to that discussion saying
9:39your users will find it very good if
9:41it’s faster and if it’s good for users
9:43you should do it
9:44translation we also are tracking user
9:46clicks and if you add a couple seconds
9:49lag time to your site and add the bounce
9:51rate because of that that’s gonna be a
9:53problem but now they’re saying they’ve
9:56always been much more strict on the
9:57mobile sex or mobile sites don’t go on
9:59even if you’re the fastest tell you no
10:023g or LTE speed that still not that fast
10:05right and mobile sites can can take a
10:07long time to load and if you look at the
10:09bounce rates typically it’s worse on the
10:10mobile side of things right so if they
10:13start using those bounce rate bounce
10:15rates to rank your desktop site that
10:18could be a serious problem that could be
10:20a very serious problem i would recommend
10:22strongly you look at your analytics now
10:24and this is what he was strongly
10:26implying in this statement in December
10:27second it was it closer to the end of
10:29the Hangout my last note from that angle
10:31so it’s going to be close to the end
10:32um so now this is pretty crazy if that’s
10:36what they’re doing I didn’t think that’s
10:38what they were doing but that’s what
10:39they’re doing this pretty nuts and he
10:41also mentioned the same conversation
10:43that design changes matter as well and
10:46they were doing the quality processing
10:48on the mobile version so he implied
10:52strongly that speed and user interface
10:54and then we do
10:54in the quality processing on your
10:56desktop version anymore but on the
10:57mobile version that could affect your
10:59desktop ranking now again I don’t know
11:01if they’re gonna do this I didn’t think
11:03they were gonna do this this makes no
11:05sense in my head with that they would do
11:06this I i’m pretty sure but he was
11:11pierced pretty strongly applying this so
11:13I’m on the fence no I’m 5050 I’m like I
11:15can only imagine because they can render
11:17your desktop version right that’s what I
11:19told us not to block the CSS rjs anymore
11:23and they can render the death the
11:25desktop version you can you can see what
11:27they render in search console and they
11:29do get say they give you some kind of
11:31penalty other it is a black mark against
11:34you if the what you see rendered in in
11:36search console is not what Googlebot
11:38sees if it’s not the same thing you’re
11:39blocking stuff
11:40by the way if you didn’t know that if
11:43you’re blocking CSS and jas that’s a
11:44black mark against you could very well
11:46be holding your rankings back however
11:48that being said I always thought they
11:50would process the desktop racking for
11:51the desktop site and the mobile records
11:53the mobile site that’s why I didn’t
11:54think of such a big deal like oh yeah
11:55okay fine
11:55doesn’t matter what he’s implying strong
11:57it does matter for not only that the
12:00context of this conversation is only for
12:02mobile ranking with your desktop ranking
12:03as well because the mobile site is now
12:05we’re going to use for your desktop
12:06ranking so it sounded much to me like
12:10like they’re gonna have a mobile quality
12:12score and that’s going to be your
12:13quality score for the entire site
12:14desktop or otherwise and he also
12:17mentioned that you need to scan mama on
12:19your Mobile’s of sight by the way he
12:22said if your HTML is not valid google
12:24bot has trouble processing skema you
12:26need valid HTML first and then you need
12:29to put your skin in there and your
12:31structured data and don’ts don’t spend
12:34your structure data don’t say you have
12:35reviewed our reviews a reading stuff
12:36like that but if you have a article site
12:38you should use an article scam if it’s a
12:40product page like a product shove
12:41products camera with the price and the
12:43quality and the categories
12:45check your search console for errors and
12:46stuff like that and you need all the
12:48other stuff that you need for quality on
12:50your mobile site so remember again it’s
12:53going to be a bit brain you know messing
12:57with your brain to get us through but
12:58the mobile site is what they’re using
13:00for rankings down so all the little
13:02content tricks you’ve been using on
13:03desktop to rank and there’s a lot
13:04content tricks you can really powerful
13:06ones you can use on desktop to rank if
13:08you weren’t putting that over to the
13:09mobile site you have good user metrics
13:12on your mobile site that’s going to be a
13:14problem for mobile ranking but also
13:15possibly for desktop ranking is what he
13:17was saying here and then the next one
13:19hand it’s really short hangout talking
13:21about this then the next one he
13:23mentioned was on December sixth he did
13:28mention that we do penalize
13:31interstitials and popups on mobile so
13:33they are they
13:35if you have a pop-up or interstitial any
13:36kind of thing that comes up and annoys
13:38the user that’s exactly what they have a
13:40specific penalty for and so he didn’t
13:44mention this conversation but my
13:46question is okay so is that going to
13:48penalize your desktop site as well
13:50because if they’re using mobile as the
13:52main rankings like they used for the
13:54desktop if you had a panel penalty back
13:56in the day going to panda penalty on
13:59your desktop site your mobile site went
14:01down as well right there using the
14:03desktop site as the main rankings and
14:05mobile just an adjustment now they’re
14:07going to use the mobile site as the main
14:09rankings and the desktop is going to be
14:11an adjustment so if you get up a panda
14:14penalty because you have quality issues
14:18a que vivir in this particular
14:21conversation interstitials and pop-ups
14:23or too many ads above the fold or bad
14:26user metrics whatever it is that mean
14:27you’re your desktop sites gonna start
14:30ranking badly now so this is a major
14:33problem and we’re going to watch this
14:34really carefully so and yeah so I mean
14:39deaths and the other thing i want to
14:41talk about 44 mobile is about titles and
14:46and click-through rate that’s important
14:47as well to remember the width and and
14:50the way that your your your title and
14:52meta description snippet is shown
14:54differently on mobile i did some tests
14:56recently and on desktop you have about
14:57600 pixels for your for your title tag
14:59on mobile it wraps and you have about
15:02607 pixels for your title tags you
15:05actually have to have an extra pickles
15:06pickles pickles
15:07you have seven extra pickles on your
15:09mobile site again don’t drink beer and
15:11then make angles so you have seven extra
15:16pixels display on your mobile title on
15:19the google syrup on the google search
15:21engine results page then you do it for
15:24desktop but on desktop it doesn’t rapper
15:26it does sometimes which is a total top
15:28but on mobile will wrap and so keep in
15:31mind you need to take a look at the
15:32mobile service to make sure that your
15:34your-your-your snippet your title and
15:36meta description looks really good and
15:38really enticing as a call to action use
15:40the five psychology power words Union
15:42out you new free you knew three best
15:49because you knew now free because that’s
15:55you tell them when it is it’s now by now
15:56by today my guest is good it’s free it’s
15:59awesome it’s the best thing give a park
16:01click now call to action so they click
16:04your titles or make sure that that looks
16:06good both on desktop but also now has to
16:08also look good on mobile as well so
16:11that’s that it’s just a short little
16:13hangout i just want to mention this
16:14stuff to you guys I’m trying to make
16:16these videos more often and maybe
16:17they’ll be shorter if I have limited to
16:19it is a specific topic so i’ll be doing
16:22lots more podcasts and lots more videos
16:23but in in the future but again keep in
16:28mind that this is a serious issue and
16:31and again i’m not sure that that it
16:35sounds like they’re going to use the
16:36mobile site for all the rankings that
16:38desktop just going to adjustment up or
16:39down so maybe that the quality will be
16:41interesting up and down but if you get
16:43some kind of a quality penalty on the
16:44mobile you know they can be very harsh
16:47and very draconian very very spray
16:49selectively they have something like
16:51over a hundred trillion pages now used
16:53to be 40 trillion pages now recently
16:55it’s been like a hundred and thirty
16:56trillion is the number
16:57heard thrown around recently from google
16:59of pages a they know about so they have
17:02to be even more selective they’re being
17:04uber uber selective when I say something
17:06in German you know it’s serious with the
17:10room nights on it
17:11they’re being super selective when it
17:15comes to what pages to rank and again
17:20this is not first is sneaking this in
17:22the mobile first index not a big deal
17:23it’s not the mobile getting again you
17:25know it’s not an Armageddon thing but
17:27the more John Mueller talks about it and
17:29he warns people and makes that face like
17:31you guys are not going to like this he
17:33makes that face I know that face very
17:34well I’m starting to get worried that
17:37this could actually be a pretty big
17:39mobile get so check your mobile site
17:44make sure this was everything is ok if
17:45you don’t know what to check or you
17:47don’t know how to check email me I can
17:49help you out Josh Kaminski @
17:51follow me on twitter at Josh Kaminski
17:53and you can see more videos like this at slash a machines so nice
17:57short video for you guys today and as
18:00good luck in the serps and i hope to
18:02have more videos for you so i won’t sign
18:04off saying merry christmas and happy new
18:05year and see you next year clip i think
18:07i’ll have more videos before then
18:09probably between Christmas and New
18:11Year’s I might have an end-of-the-year
18:13extravaganza with all the best weeks of
18:152016 so watch out for that will be nuts
18:18because we’ve been some nuts crazy leaks
18:21in 2016 and I’m go through them in order
18:22of importance just to just around the
18:26awesome year out that it’s been but it
18:31is awesome actually because the more
18:32google makes changes the easier it is
18:34for us to exploit those changes and rank
18:36sites it’s it’s it’s it’s not easy to
18:40rank sites in google but there are
18:42definitely ways to do it you can make
18:43tons of money doing it so and I know how
18:45I’ll help you
18:46I’d love to help you to do because i
18:48love it when people are making money off
18:50google and google is not making the
18:51money themselves so with that I bid you
18:54adieu I bid you good day and as I say as
18:57good luck in the serps

Attribution: Josh Bachynski, “Top SEO concerns: Mobile First Index – 2017 SEO Help Video”, Dec 17, 2016

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