SEO Linking Tips

Proper SEO Links Help Rankings And Avoid Penalties

Whenever a website links to another site, Google will analyze that link for quality. Some of the quality parameters are related to the site originating the link, while other factors are directly related to the content of the link The text that you interpret as “the link” is referred to as anchor text or link anchor text.

While you may not think much about it, the anchor text is vitally important to the quality of links coming to your website. Here’s an example of a URL link for a professional services website that has more information about searcch engines: Notice that this simply uses the URL to the linked website for the anchor text. This is very common and when analyzing links to a site, Google expects to see quite a few of these. The URL link is used a frequently for authoritative sites. For example a link with the destination Google Drive would look like this

About Google Plus

Use Google Plus For Improved Local Rankings

What Is Google Plus?

First, defining Google Plus, usually spelled Google+, is larger than just a social networking medium. Google+ has been called “a great tool for human communications,” by Martin Shervington in “What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide“. In fact, Google+ is the second largest social network, with Facebook still by far number one in this category.

Google+ Live Video

Google+ with live video is growing rapidly since members can create Hangouts on Air, that will create a video broadcast and also record the video to YouTube channels at the same time. So, now webmasters and site owners can inexpensively and relatively easily create their own webinars for training, lead generation or closing sales.

Google+ Auto Awesome For Animations.

Google+ also features a very robust image organization which can have a very positive effect on both marketing efforts, plus the Google search engine favors images and captions with links to websites. Images can also be edited and animations developed with the Auto Awesome Google+ feature. Google is making a real attempt to improve online photography as a storyline medium.

SEO and Social

Google+ has major significance for SEO campaigns . . . along with the social networking features, Google definitely will cast a favorable eye on websites the leverage Google+ in linking back and forth between websites. Because Google “owns” Google+, it has the highest Trust rating, therefore outbound links from Google+ are going out from a site with a Domain Authority of 100, the highest rating possible. You can find out more about Google SEO here: Top Google SEO

Local SEO and Google+

Local SEO and Google+ are intimately related. Google Place is now part of the Google+ Local. Google+ plus is ripe for SEO leverage by establishing the Google+ Local business page, then utilizing reviews and citations, plus keyword related content with Google+ entries. Google+ is the tool for putting a local business on the Google map and making a big push for mobile local search as well.

The Hubspot article “4 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs to Try Google+ in 2014,” really points out the significance of Google+ in generating “Social Proof.” Social proof is vital for Google’s new algorithm ranking structure. If you review a product or use the +1 button to recommend a site, this indicates a contribution to the social proof, so you are contributing to the overall web community. This helps improve the size of your audience and Google boosts links outbound from the Google+ site.

Advice to webmasters and SEO professionals, learn and work with Google+, the SEO leverage is excellent.